Hey Ladies!

Awesome news! We're having a CLEARANCE SALE on all items! You know how it is... we need to clear stock to make way for new and fab items! So hurry! If you've been eyeing that dress, top, accessory... now's the best time to make the purchase!

* Sale items are on a first come, first serve basis. Should there be orders placed by two individuals for the same items, we reserve the right to accommodate the order which was placed and paid for first.

SALE ITEMS (Please click on link for further info on the items)

LDR0001 was RM89, now RM75 - Available in Deep Red, White, Brown

LDR0002 was RM89, now RM60 - Available in Metallic Gold

LDR0006 was RM79, now RM45 - Available in Chocolate

LDR0008 was RM89, now RM65 - Available in Light Gold (SOLD)

LDR0014 was RM79, now RM65 - Available in Metallic Turquoise (SOLD), Metallic Golden Brown


LDR0015 was RM65, now RM50 - Available in Brown

LDR0020 was RM45, now RM35 - Available in Black (SOLD), Purple (SOLD)

LDR0023 was RM45, now RM35 - Available in Pewter, Gold (SOLD)

LDR0025 was RM49, now RM40 - Available in Silver/Navy (SOLD)

LTP0008 was RM45, now RM35 - Available in numerous colors


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